Things You Need For Back to School


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As school starts this year, so do all of the commercials for office/school suppliers. Staples, Officemax, Office Depot, and others advertize all the material products like pencils, notebooks, etc. that the students need to have a successful year. But as students receive these material necessities, they might forget other things that are just as important to have this year. This list is a reminder of the physical and mental things you might need through the school year so you can be more successful.

           This might be obvious but self-care is very important, especially during the stressful and busy school year. As your nights get filled with homework and your days are filled with classes, don’t forget to take care of yourself, both physically and mentally. Remember to eat breakfast and have food throughout the day while also drink plenty of water. You can exercise as well, so that you can feel more relieved and less stressed about things

This may also be obvious, but don’t be so hard on yourself. If you miss a homework or fail a test that’s okay, because you tried your hardest and you can always make up a test and or homework later.

            Self positivity is also very important, especially being confident in your answers. This might sound weird but look yourself in the mirror and think at all the good things about yourself, both physically and emotionally. But remember that you don’t have to like anything about yourself, we are all learning to love ourselves and some people take more time to do it.

              You could also do things you love to do. Drawing, writing, building computers, or anything that you love to do should be done because what you love is just as important as everything else.

               Lastly, an overall sense of optimism about your life will be very beneficial for you not only in school but in the future. Although for some people this is very hard to obtain, which is totally okay! Like self-esteem, we are all on our own level when it comes to seeing things in a positive light and it might take others more time to see that.

                These are just some of the things you will need to be happier and healthier this school year. These are also just recommendations and whatever is the best for you will work.


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