Tom Cruise Does It All


Sports Editor

Thomas Mapother Cruise IV’s most lucrative venture has been the Mission Impossible series. Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation was released on July 15, 2015 and is the fifth in the Mission Impossible series. The entire series has created a mass profit of nearly 2.6 billion dollars worldwide. Tom Cruise has starred in all five movies spanning over the past 19 years, beginning with the First Mission Impossible that released in 1996 along with Jon Voight and Ving Rhames. Tom Cruise has been the figurehead of this franchise and has greatly invested his time and money.

The Mission Impossible movies have always been far more popular amongst viewers than critics because the plots are neither complex nor heartfelt and do not have a deeper meaning. To your average viewer, Mission Impossible movies are fun, exciting, entertaining. That is the main reason why people go to see these movies. Fast car chases, jumping between rooftops, and saving the world are all regular occurrences in Tom Cruise’s movies, with Cruise doing many of the stunts himself.

Alongside Cruise having an incredibly lucrative acting career, he has also dabbled in directing, producing, and writing. He has produced a mass number of movies, which he often casts himself. He was a director very briefly for the TV show Charlie’s Angels in the 90’s and he helped write the storyline for Days of Thunder, an action drama he starred in 1990.

“It seems like he is in everything,” said sophomore Jack Johnson, when asked about Tom Cruise.

Tom Cruise is incredibly popular in the movie industry, but once he steps out of this realm, he is viewed in a controversial light. Cruise was a part of the Scientology religion for some time and caused quite a stir amongst the scientific community when he said Scientology cured his dyslexia. This was later revealed to be untrue. He has since distanced himself from the religion due to its percieved controversial nature and practices.

Overall, despite his personal life, Tom Cruise has had an immensely positive impact on the film business over the past 20 years and has taken part in some of the industry’s more iconic films of the century. Though Tom Cruise has had a lucrative and lengthy career, he continues to act in and produce movies constantly.


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