Conserve Water Using These Methods


Staff Writer

In the midst of a drought, we all must be aware of the water we consume and the ways we use it. Saving water is not just shortening your shower and making sure your faucets do not drip, there are many other ways to save water.

If you shave in the shower, or if you spend a particularly large amount of time shampooing, turn the water off. If you shower with the water really hot then when you turn the water off the steam will keep you warm. This can save a lot of water while you can still take a long relaxing shower.

If you get a new cup every time you want to get something to drink, you are wasting an enormous amount of water. Find one cup to use over and over again then only wash it every once in  awhile. Extra cups mean extra water needed to wash dishes, and why waste water washing extra dishes when there is a simple solution to conserve water.

You can also run your dishwasher only when it’s full and plug up your sink when you are washing dishes by hand. You can use the water already in your sink rather than turning it on every time you need to rinse soap off of the dish.

Watering your lawn is a waste of water, when there are other things we really need water for. You can also use grey water, or reuse. If you must water your plants, save the water you use from the shower and washing dishes to water your landscaping.

When you get water in resturants, only order water when you know you are going to drink it. Also, be aware of the amount of water used to make food. It can be hard to get used to, but there are different foods that use more water than others. Research which foods use more water in the manufacturing process. For example, beef consumes more water than chicken and mangoes consume more water than nectarines.

Last, but certainly not least, would be to be aware. Just being conscientious of the water you are using can make a tremendous  difference in how much water you consume. There are a variety of ways to save water, and some may be harder than others, but the hope is that  you will put this research to good use and conserve water in as many ways as you can.


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