Girls Golf Remains Undefeated

Sydney Martindale

Sports Editor

Girls golf is off to a great start this season as they have not lost a game yet. So far their record is 7-0 overall and 2-0 in league with a positive outlook ahead. The team has been focusing on the fundamentals of golf and working together as a team.

The girls have really bonded this season despite having one of the largest teams they have had in the past few years.

“The team is a lot bigger this year,” said junior Makena Hubbard, “but we are all a big family.”

“Everyone always gets along which helps with the team environment,” said junior Amber Chen, “so we all play well when we’re together and have fun.”

Some of the memorable events for the tournaments so far include the girls winning their competition after beating San Luis Obispo 246-257 in Birnam Wood on September 9th. Sophomore Mallory Sestak led the team with a score of only 43 strokes. Remi Ho, Makenzie McBride and Lauren Pitchford all tied with a score of 50 and Amanda Chen finished the scoring with a final score of 53.

“Birnam Wood is a challenging course that really tests a player’s shot selection.” Head coach Sarah Ashton told Presidio Sports, “We did a good job overall while learning some areas of our game that we can continue to improve upon throughout the season.”

The Royals also continued their winning streak with the defeat of Ventura at their Channel League Opener on September 10th at the Sandpiper Golf course. The girls golf team won with a score of 235-286, Remi Ho leading with a score of 44.

      More recently, Royals defeated The Dons by almost 100 strokes with a final score of 221-322. Every one of the San Marcos players had a better score than the worst Santa Barbara player. This proved to be one of their best matches of the season.

Be sure to show your support for the girls golf team as they continue their season undefeated!


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