Ice Hockey Joins the List of San Marcos Sports


Sports Editor

This will be the first year that San Marcos High School will have their very own ice hockey team. The Los Angeles Kings have started a southern California High School hockey league and the Royals are lucky enough to have a team. For the past few years the Anaheim Ducks have had a High School league in Orange country that has grown to be over ten varsity and junior varsity teams. Though it has taken the Kings a far longer time to set up their own league, it is finally happening. The Kings have provided every team with a full set of helmets and gloves as well as jerseys and practice jerseys. Currently the King’s league has only eight teams, but once the league has established a foothold it should grow to match and surpass the Duck’s league.

“Well… it took them a long time, but it’s great that they have finally gotten it all together, its gonna be fun,” said junior ,and Assistant Captain, Collin Del Bonis.

The San Marcos Royals’ home rink is Ice in Paradise, the new rink being put in right next to the turf field in Girsh Park. The grand opening for the rink is October 10th but the rinks is going to have a soft opening on September 30th. The team’s first preseason game was an overwhelming victory against the East County Outlaws, 12-2, on September 12. At this time it is unclear if there will be an admission charge to future games.

There have always been ice hockey players at San Marcos but there has never been a team for lack of a rink and a league to play in. There are currently eleven players on our team, almost all of whom have played on the same team before. The coaches of our team are John Ewasiuk, a former Junior A hockey player and Steve Heinze, a former Boston Bruin, LA King, and US Olympian.

“We’ve got a good group of boys here and I’m looking forward to the season,” said Head Coach Steve Heinze.

Many of the players on this year’s team have played together for many years and it is looking as though they will have a very strong, competitive season.


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