Rough Patch is Behind San Marcos Football


Staff Writer

So far so bad. So far this year’s varsity football season has been creamed. The team has been having a really hard time connecting, and working as an unit, but the team has also been lacking in effort too. Although, the spirit has diminished, the football players are keeping their heads high and hoping that they can still turn it around.

With a new season come new team members, and therefore the players are having a hard time connecting and playing as a team. According to one of the players, “We haven’t been playing as a team, like I think that we’ve been playing as individuals,” said Ryan Broumand (Senior), “We haven’t been putting everything together, and that’s why I think we’re struggling.” Unity is very important in football, but it can be hard to obtain. The team needs to spend time connecting and learning the meaning of teamwork, else we are in for a very long season. To execute the plays well, all of the players need to know their part on just do what they are supposed to do. Teamwork is the backbone of every great football team, and without it a team cannot  realistically compete. The team working in one cohesive unit is the key to success.

Not only has the team not been able to work together, but the lack of effort has also been tremendous. The coach really worries for his team and hopes that they can do a lot better, “I think that we practice at time very well, but our performance in games has not been reflecting on the preparation that we have put in,” said Coach Linebaugh (Football Coach). If our team could just invest the same amount of effort as they have been in practice, then San Marcos might actually stand a chance this season. A lot of mis-tackles were made and a lot plays were not executed well. Our team has really not been able to focus and has cost us all of our games this season.The lack of effort really hurt us in our game against Pacifica recently. With a huge loss of 0-63, our team really just got creamed. The team really needs to get their head in the game and try their absolute best.

Although we have literally had our butts handed to us by Pacifica High School recently, the team still tries to keep a positive mind set. They believe that if they keep their head up and spirits high, then they can pull through. According to the team’s strong side linebacker, “If you tell yourself that things are going to go wrong, then it will happen, but if you visualize yourself being successful, then it is more likely to happen,” said Sten Carr (Sophomore). With such a mindset our team is surely to pull through and put up one heck of a fight this season. Even though the football players feel that they can win, most of the school does not. We need to support our team because if they have not given up hope yet, then neither should we. We have a lot of great new players who have a lot to offer to the table, so we need to believe in them as much as their team believes in them. With our splendiferous team, our innovative coaches, and a new and improved positive attitude, our team can pull through and surprise us all.


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