Stay Cool Without a Pool


Staff Writer

Although summer vacation might be over, the summer heat shows no signs of letting up, which means everyone will be running to jump into the nearest pool to cool off. But if you and your friends are stuck without one, there are other ways to cool down.

Get back in touch with your inner child and build a fort using couch cushions, sheets and chairs in a room with enough space to build it in. Then gather up a few small fans and position them around the inside of the fort. Then all that is left to do is crawl inside with a few books, snacks or your laptop and watch Netflix in your new air-conditioned fort.

If you have already headed to the beach and paid the price with a nasty sunburn, freeze Aloe Vera gel in an ice cube tray until it is solidified and rub the cubes over the burned area for a double relief. The Aloe Vera gel helps the skin heal from the burn and moisturizes to prevent peeling, and when frozen, cools down your skin instantly so you can relieve your burn quickly and help it make a speedy recovery.

For a quick snack that is fun to make and is

sure to cool you down, make your own ice cream without a fancy machine. All you need is a few ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen. First, place ½ cup of half-and-half, a tablespoon of sugar (or maybe more) and a dash of vanilla in a small ziplock bag and seal tightly. Next, place three cups of ice and ⅓ cup of rock salt in a large ziplock bag and place the smaller bag inside. Close up the large bag and squeeze until the ice cream is thickened, about 10-15 minutes. Then, take out the small bag and enjoy your homemade ice cream!

Of course, there are some more unconventional ways to beat the heat. Gather up your bravest friends and go Ice Blocking! Head over to the nearest grocery store with some friends and spend a couple of bucks on a block of ice. Be sure it is a block of ice, not crushed or cubed. Next, find a hill that is fairly steep and set the ice at the top. Then, find the most daring friend to go first, and slide down the hill while sitting on the block of ice! Ice Blocking is a fun game, but be careful no one is too badly hurt by making sure the hill you choose is not too steep to slide down without injuring yourself.

As you can see, there are several ways to beat the heat without heading to the pool, but if you are too busy to build forts and slide down hills, there are simpler ways to escape the hot weather. Get your clothes slightly damp before heading out the door for school in the morning, and as the day begins to heat up, the water will absorb the heat from your skin and evaporate, drying your clothes quickly and cooling you off. On the weekends, take a lawn chair and head over to the famously frigid produce section in Costco. You can sit and finish up your homework and make anyone who sees you wish they had thought of doing that themselves.


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