Hozier Concert Was a Religious Experience


Editor in Chief

(Ella Jensen/The King's Page)

(Ella Jensen/The King’s Page)

Hozier took the stage at the sold out Santa Barbara Bowl on October 18. The Irish-born indie rock artist amazed fans with an incredibly authentic performance.

He is most famous for his song “Take me to Church” from his album titled Hozier, which was on the top of alternative and pop charts for many months. The concert promoted the album along with his newest EP, From Eden.

Opening for Hozier was the Dublin-based band titled Little Green Cars, who were well received by the audience. Little Green Cars played from 7pm to 8pm, when Hozier took the stage. Hozier started with “To Be Alone” and introduced himself and his band members. He proceeded to play famous songs such as “Jackie and Wilson,” “Angel of Small Death & Codeine Scene,” and “In a Week.” He then took the time to thank his entire tour staff and introduce his talented band members. As the concert progressed, Hozier also performed the recent hit “Someone New,” which was a light hearted, dance-worthy song. “Take me to Church” was another song that had the entire crowd singing along. Unexpectedly, Hozier covered an Ariana Grande song titled “Problem” but it was well executed. After leaving the stage to conclude his performance, Hozier was called back on for an encore where he performed “Work Song,” a slow song that had the crowd waving their arms.

Overall, the Hozier concert was a fun and unique event that featured great music by a rising star. The Santa Barbara Bowl was entirely sold out and filled with positive energy.


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