Avocado Festival is a Hit Among Festival Attendees


Staff Writer

Every year, people all around California and even world-wide are excited for the annual Avocado Festival in Carpinteria. In its 29th year, people come to enjoy the live music, avocados, and agricultural exhibits the festival has to offer.

When walking down Linden Avenue, the main street in Carpinteria, vendors sold avocado related clothing, arts and crafts, and jewelry. To ensure that the festival was still centered around the original theme of Peace, Love, and Guacamole, there was not as many clothing vendors to detract from the theme this year.                                     

The food vendors offered everything avocado, from ice cream to brownies, to smoothies and beer. The Holy Guacamole booth garnered awards from the Carpinteria festival and elsewhere. However, most decided to go local and support the Carpinteria High School Cheerleaders continuing tradition of serving guacamole from the World’s Largest Vat of Guacamole (although no Guinness Book verification yet) to benefit their team. In fact, over forty nonprofits benefitted from the festival this year.

The festival continued as the children’s area offered activities specifically for the younger attendees of the festival. There was even a stage located in the children’s area called the Lil Pits Stage where puppeteers and bands performed for the younger children.

As for new additions to the festival, the ferris wheel was a big success and can be expected to return in years to come. Also, the new Avo Board Booth and the large Ralph Bowen flower tent were fun add-ons to the traditional lineup.

For some, the music aspect of the festival is the main reason for attendance. The festival featured four stages, all strategically placed in different areas of Linden Avenue, so as not to interfere with one another. The main stage was located on 9th street, and featured bands such as Mestizo, and The Upbeat, and performances by Studio B Dance and Zumba Gym. The Seal Stage was located in front of Haggen’s and featured performances by The Rincons, the Vonettes, and many others. The Guac and Grotto Stage, located on 8th street, spotlighted Morning Glories, Ukulele Jim, and other bands. The Lil Pits stage was located in the children’s section.

For Carpinterians of all ages, especially teenagers, the festival is a fun event and an annual tradition.

“I always look forward to AvoFest, it is my favorite time of year,” said Olivia Light, a Santa Barbara High School sophomore who lives in Carpinteria.

The 29th Annual Avocado Festival was a big success this year, and will continue to be for years to come. For more information, please visit avofest.com.


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