Chic Street Man Captures the San Marcos Audience


Editors in Chief

The normal bell schedule was disrupted for an hour of singing and dancing when San Marcos welcomed Chic Street Man, a motivational performer, for an assembly on September 29. The performer stressed the idea of loving the people around you, especially the classmates you see everyday.

The assembly was split into two sections, with half of the school in each. The assembly began with Mr. Behrens announcing the performer, Chic Street Man, following a brief intro by Chic himself on the origin of his name. After getting the audience familiar with him and his story, Chic began the show.

Armed only with a guitar and a microphone, Chic began his performance. Chic describes himself as a musical ambassador for peace and human rights, and his songs are very much based around loving one another, with audience interaction throughout. He jumped right into his audience participation theme with the first song he performed, titled “Beautiful.” The chorus, with pauses between the syllables in beautiful, goes “Everybody is beau-ti-ful,” which the audience sang every time it came to that point.

Chic used the rest of the assembly to get the students singing, dancing, and complementing each other. Other highlights include learning a new dance and an interactive dance for the teachers only. In the second assembly, Chic called all the teachers on the stage and had them go crazy, spinning and shaking all different parts on their body. This particular exercise got the audience laughing and loose.

Chic ended his time with the San Marcos community with his most famous song, titled “Everybody be Yo’self.” The song talks about how life goes by, but people’s outlook and attitude towards others shapes how good your life can be.


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