Homecoming Game Recap


Staff Writer

One of the biggest games of the football season is the Homecoming game. This game is usually held the Friday before Homecoming, and is also where the Homecoming queen is announced. The Homecoming game features the Royal Car, and a special performance from the cheerleaders. The Royal Car was once an old and beat up car that was renovated over the years by San Marcos’ advanced Auto Shop class. The Royal Car is now used for the Homecoming princesses to ride in. This year, the football game itself was also very interesting, with an inadvertent whistle, and 3 great touchdowns scored by San Marcos senior quarterback, D’Shaun Vines.
The inadvertent whistle play is when a referee blows a whistle thinking a play is dead, but it is actually not. In this case, D’Shaun Vines not only faked out the other team, but also the referee.

“Our quarterback made a great fake that faked out the refs,” said junior Joshua Harrah. “He pulled the ball, and ran for a touchdown, and the ref did not call it a touchdown.”

Even with the touchdown not counted, the players did not give up and fought to the end of a 22-46 loss.

“I felt we moved the ball well, we didn’t always finish the drive, but I thought we moved the ball well on offense,” said Coach Linebaugh. “There were also periods of time where played very well.”

Although they have been working hard, the football team still has room for improvement.

“I feel like we still need to just work together,” said senior D’Shaun Vines. “We need to be one successful unit, and when we do that, I feel like we will be going down the same track, and getting more wins.”

D’Shaun Vines played well, scoring 3 great touchdowns during the homecoming game.

“He’s a very versatile player,” said Coach Linebaugh. “He’s a team first guy, and he really wants to improve, and he’s a tireless worker.”

During half time, all of the princesses; Briana Garcia, Taylor Swanson, Carly Johnson, Summer Bosse, and Crisol Gomez, first rode in on the Royal Car with their escorts, and were greeted by the sound of adoring students and the fanfare of trumpets. They were then introduced and escorted by their fathers to the football field. After all of the princesses were escorted to the field, last year’s Homecoming queen, Emily Stevens, rode in wearing a cape and carrying a scepter. After she was escorted to the field, she sat down on her throne, and waited for the Masters of Ceremonies to announce the new Homecoming queen. Then, Emily Stevens passed down her crown to Crisol Gomez who was bursting with joy.

This year’s homecoming football game was a very interesting event, for both the football players, and the princesses, and if you were not able to attend the homecoming game, or the home game against Ventura, then come support the football team at their next home game on November 6 at 7pm, as they take Santa Barbara High School.


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