The Daily Nexus Visits The King’s Page


Editors in Chief

Students of the University of California, Santa Barbara’s highly-acclaimed newspaper, The Daily Nexus, visited the San Marcos King’s Page on October 12 to discuss the workings of a college newspaper. The editor in chief, Emile Nelson, lead the conversation along with other members of his editorial staff, including Photo Editor Lorenzo Basilio, News Editor Megan Mineiro, and Assistant News Editor Supriya Yelimeli.

Nelson and his colleagues explained the history of The Daily Nexus and how it is run independently of the university, allowing it to be authentic and true to the students of UCSB. “The Nexus” covers a range of topics, and includes stories on local and national levels. Being UCSB’s primary news outlet, “The Nexus” is often the first to uncover major campus news stories such as the corruption of former UCSB chancellor, Robert Huttenback, and the Isla Vista shooting in May 2014.   

“It was really interesting learning how a real newspaper works and the process they go through at a more sophisticated level,” said junior Ian Baucke, a first-year member of the King’s Page staff.

The Nexus editors also explained to the members of The King’s Page the benefits of being involved with a school paper, no matter which college they ultimately attend. Not only does it improve your writing skills, but members of the paper tend to get to know faculty and professors better, and there are many career paths one can take from a background in journalism.

“They [employers] want people who are informed,” said Nexus Editor in Chief Emile Nelson, “and who is more informed than the journalists?”

After the general meeting with the whole King’s Page staff, the Nexus met separately with the editors of The King’s Page. They went into more detail as to how editors can improve layouts, articles, and their skills with programs like Photoshop and InDesign, the software used to layout the paper.

“I know that the articles in my section not only reflect the creativity and writing skills of the writers, but also shows my editing skills and leadership in organizing layouts and making sure every article is the best it can be,” said senior Aibhlin Ryan, the Arts and Entertainment editor for The King’s Page.

The system that The King’s Page has in place among its staff writers and editors, is for a writer to come up with an idea for an article, and then pitch that idea to the editor of the section the story will go in. They only assign an article to someone to write if it is an event that they have to ensure is covered. Once the article is written, it goes through three levels of editing before being printed. The Nexus staff has a similar system, with the main differences being that their writers are assigned to write mainly for specific sections of the paper, and then the article is edited by five to eight people.

“The newspaper works as one unit, and while there’s individualism in the articles, it takes a team effort to create a unified newspaper,” said Aibhlin Ryan, the Arts and Entertainment editor.

Overall, The King’s Page staff was honored and thrilled to receive the input from The Daily Nexus, and hopes to continue communication with its editors in the future.


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