Discover Alternative Uses for Household Items

OtherUsesForCommonHouseholdItemsNINA HUFFMAN

Staff Writer

Companies are charging people outrageous prices for products that do the same things as items we have laying around the house. Brand name products such as Neutrogena, ProActive, Kiehl’s and Lush are the products teens want. These companies advertise their products with flawless pictures of photoshopped celebrities and amazing comeback stories from teens who were struggling with bad skin. But buying those products can get expensive. There are many of different things that do the same job as all these products, and some of them may be laying around your house.

Do you wake up with bags under your eyes? Take two green tea bags and soak them in water, put them in the freezer until they are cool and place on your eyes for a few minutes. The caffeine in the tea constricts the blood vessels, getting rid of your under-eye bags. A box of 25 green tea bags is $2.99, where a packet of 6 moisturizing strips is $6.00

Some toothpaste companies advertise their toothpaste centered around baking soda, but why would you spend extra money on fancy toothpaste when you can get the exact same results with a fraction of the cost? Sprinkle a little baking soda onto your toothpaste and brush your teeth and you should notice your teeth looking whiter immediately. Although there may be a slight taste difference, it will not be so horrific that it will stop you from continuing to use baking soda. Arm & Hammer baking soda toothpastes can cost you up to $6.28, but a four pound box of baking soda is just $2.24.

Coconut oil has many uses, one being makeup remover. Thanks to coconut oil you will not need to buy oil-free makeup remover. Pick up a container of organic all-natural coconut oil. It cleanses the skin and removes stubborn eye makeup in a gentle way, it also doubles as body lotion. A 2.5oz bottle of eye makeup remover from Clinique will easily cost you $17.00, but 30oz of coconut oil should cost you $6.64 at Walmart.

“It has made my life easier because I don’t have to buy makeup remover wipes, I can just use coconut oil,” said freshmen Bronwen Smith. “I definitely recommend the coconut oil makeup remover because coconut oil has many different uses, it is very moisturizing, it removes waterproof makeup and it doesn’t make you break out.”

For silky smooth skin, add a little brown sugar to your body wash for an easy scrub. The granules of sugar have exfoliating abilities that get rid of all the loose and dead skin. A 18oz of a sugar scrub will cost you $8.00, but you can get 32oz of brown sugar for $2.00.

Apple cider vinegar is cheap and a great toner. You can buy a $16.00 8.2oz bottle of toner from Kiehl’s, or a $2.99 16oz bottle of apple cider vinegar from your local grocery store. Apple cider vinegar makes skin softer, decreases pores, creates a more even skin tone, and fades scars. Use apple cider vinegar just as you would use any toner, and the results should be the same, if not better.

Shaving cream really does help when it comes to getting a close shave but it can be pretty expensive. If you run out of shaving cream, hair conditioner works just the same and it doubles as moisturizer. You might never go back to shaving cream again. A 13oz bottle of conditioner will cost you about $5.50, depending on what brand of conditioner you buy, but 6 ounces of shaving cream will cost you upwards of $6.99.

If you start to wash your face with olive oil, the olive oil will act as a magnet to the oil that’s on your skin and in your pores. The oil on your skin will become attached to the oil you are washing your face with, which is why the oil draws it out and leaves you with a gorgeous glow and super clean skin. A cleansing oil designed for removing oil will cost you about $45.00 for about 10 ounces, but 101 oz of olive oil will cost about $17.00.

Mix one-fourth of a cup of warm coffee grounds and drizzle one tablespoon of olive oil over the grinds. Next, sitting down on the edge of your tub or in the shower, put the grinds directly on your skin in the spots you want to treat, and then wrap the areas in plastic wrap. Keep the concoction on for about twelve minutes, and then remove the wrap and shower off using warm water. The caffeine in the grinds will help tighten the area, but only for a couple of hours. Skin tightening creams will cost you $78.00 for only 1 oz, but 33.9 oz of coffee grounds will cost you $10.88.

Crayola colored pencils are a great, super cheap alternative for colored eye liner. All you have to do is take your colored pencil, soak the tip of it in warm water for about five minutes and then apply it to your eye lid.

“All Crayola and Silly Putty products have been evaluated by an independent toxicologist and found to contain no known toxic substances in sufficient quantities to be harmful to the human body, even if ingested or inhaled,” said a Crayola customer service representative. “In addition, Crayola and Silly Putty art materials carry the Art and Creative Materials Institute’s (ACMI) approved product (AP) seal, which indicates these products meet or exceed specific quality standards. If needed, your physician may contact the local poison control center for assistance in obtaining product ingredient information,”

Crayola products are safe for people to apply to skin and safe to consume, although Crayola does not recommend it. Eyeliners can be as expensive as $22.00, but a packet of 54 different colored pencils will cost $17.99.

These products are not usually advertised as dermatologists recommended like well known face products, some dermatologist say that they will work just as fine as over the counter products.

“It would be fine, vinegar is a great anti defective,” said dermatologist Patricia Walker. “A great moisturizer is crisco vegetable shortening, it’s an incredible moisturizer.”

You shouldn’t waste your money on over advertised products that will do the same thing as cheap, common household items. So next time you are walking through Sephora and see a dermatologist recommended product, stop and think before you buy it. Odds are there is a cheaper product that will have the same affect on your skin.


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