Boys Water Polo Concludes Season


Editor in Chief & Staff Writer

Senior Jack Palmer of San Marcos passes on November 14.

Senior Jack Palmer of San Marcos passes on November 14.

The San Marcos Boys Water Polo team concluded their season after losing to Costa Mesa High in the CIF quarterfinals on Saturday, November 14. The final score was 7-8 in overtime. The very close game ended with Costa Mesa scoring the final goal.

The two teams were a strikingly good match, which made for tough competition and a low scoring game. As the game continued, the teams battled for the lead, remaining at a near tie for the first two quarters. Both senior George Kuesis and junior Spencer Wood played remarkable offence and scored numerous goals. Senior goalie Jack Palmer also saved many points after missing the first round of CIF on Thursday in Corona.

The teams began the second half with a score 3-3 and the points went back and forth. The second half concluded at 6-6, then went into overtime. Costa Mesa scored the first two points in overtime, but San Marcos got the third point with about one minute left on the clock. The game was looking up for San Marcos, but they were unable to block the final point made by Costa Mesa.

San Marcos had a large turnout, filling all of the bleachers at the Santa Barbara pool deck. The season ended with a close game and the Royals are pleased with their CIF finish and Channel League win.


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