Paris Suffers a Series of Terrorist Attacks


Editor in Chief and News Editor

On the night of November 13, ISIS attacks in Paris, France sent the world into a state of shock and dismay. A total of 129 people were killed in six separate attacks across the city, and the number of injured people exceeds 200. Suicide bombers armed with AK 47s entered restaurants, concert halls, and the Stade de France. Seven of the eight terrorists involved were killed. ISIS eagerly claimed responsibility for the attacks as backlash for European and American involvement in Syria. French president Francois Hollande promises a “merciless” response

“France will be merciless towards these barbarians from Daesh,” said President Hollande in a public statement.

This attack was the most extreme act of terror in France’s history, and the most fatal attack in Europe since the Madrid train bombings in 2004.

After attack in the Bataclan concert hall, a Paris city hall official reported that four gunmen opened fire and killed 87. Dozens of survivors were rescued and bodies were still being found the next morning. Attendees of an international friendly soccer match in the Stade de France heard a bomb explode from an apparent double suicide bombing outside the stadium, according to CNBC.

President Obama gave a heartfelt statement and mentioned that the U.S. is fully willing to offer assistance to France.  

“This is an attack on all of humanity and the universal values we share,” said President Obama in a statement delivered in the White House Briefing Room. “We stand prepared and ready to provide whatever assistance the people of France need to respond.”

Two days after the attack, France launched an airstrike in Raqqa, Syria, capital of the ISIS “caliphate.” The French military reported that they are targeting a command and recruitment center, an ammunition storage base, and an ISIS training camp. According to CNN, anti-ISIS activists in Raqqa reported hearing 30 explosions and bombs landing in residential areas as well as hitting a stadium and museum in the city. ISIS casualties have been reported but, luckily, no civilians have been killed.

The war on ISIS is in its early stages, and the U.S. is joining France by making arial advances on the Islamic terrorist group.


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