SM Hockey Dominates the League


Sports Editor

This is the first year that San Marcos High School has an ice hockey team, and they are doing very well. The Los Angeles Kings have started a southern California High School hockey league and the Royals are lucky enough to have a team. Though it has taken the Kings a long time to set up their own league, they have done a great job securing teams and providing them with the equipment they need to succeed.

The Kings have provided every team in the league with both practice and game jerseys. Every team’s jersey is the same design as the Kings with a drastically different color scheme. Currently the league consists of only eight teams, but once it has established a foothold it should grow to match and surpass the Duck’s league.

“I am super stoked that we finally have a team,” said junior Brett Knowles. “It’s great that the Kings finally did this and we’ve had a solid crowd every game.”

So far the team is off to a fantastic start. With an impressive 5-0-1 record, it is looking like they will have a spot in the championship game on March 19 which takes place at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. On Saturday, November 7 the team racked up another 2 points with a victory against the San Gabriel Cougar, winning 13-0.

At this point in the season, the Royals have faced only four of the seven other teams in the league. They have played the Kern County Knights twice, and the East County Outlaws once. These two teams have proved to be the team’s greatest challenges. The Royals lost to the East County Outlaws in overtime after scoring two last minute goals in the third period to tie it up. During the overtime period the Royals scored two goals, but both were called back due to goaltender penalties. As the result of an unfortunate series of events the Royals lost in the last minute of the game.

“Man, that was ridiculous,” said junior Collin Del Bonis. “We played really well, but it just didn’t go our way.”

Despite this loss, the team is doing incredibly well and plans on a spot in the championship game in March.


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