TEDx Speakers Come to Santa Barbara


Staff Writer

I am sure we seem to all be familiar with the educationally driven TED talks seen online in classrooms or at home. TED talks are inspiring and infor. These talks are seen done all over the world featuring interesting adults who are recorded in different locations touching on different topics. The TEDxYouthSantaBarbara is a program that is apart of the iLearn Initiative in the Santa Barbara Unified School District. Dr. Cash and Todd Ryckman had asked the team of students in the San Marcos Entrepreneurship Academy if they could put on a TEDx event here in Santa Barbara. With Marla Friedler as their instructor, the students made this an event for the youth and by the youth. With its first year in Santa Barbara, TEDxYouth took place on Saturday November 14 at La Cumbre Junior High Theatre from 8 to 3 in the afternoon.

The theme, Made in the Future, was developed to touch on the topic of what you plan for yourself 20 years in the future. The speakers talked to the youth about new perspectives on their own future job possibilities beyond the traditional careers. They will ask important questions like: How will artificial intelligence both limit and expand our options? What will matter in the future? As resources diminish, what new materials will we harness or create? Which types of careers will emerge or cease to exist? Using these questions and more others, the speakers expanded and thoroughly answered them with each one’s different perspectives in a scientific, cultural, technological, educational, artistic, entrepreneurial, and environmental set of mind.

“We wanted to create a fun learning experience for the entire community,” said academic instructor, Marla Friedler. “Our goal is to bring innovative speakers, entertainment and fun inter­active experiences to the youth of Santa Barbara with the goal of inspiring students to think about their futures and to create passion about new ideas, problem solving and critical thinking.”

This is truly a well done student organized for students event that has made the whole community involved as well. They brought some interesting food trucks for the lunch break and were successful in creating interactive games which could win you great prizes. Some prizes included speakers, gift cards, and even an iPad. All of the wonderful prizes were made possible by all the sponsors that donated to this event.

Luckily it is not over yet. After a fun day of interactive learning, the students of the SMEA will produce another TEDxYouthSantaBarbara event on May 7, 2016. Details will be announced until further notice. You can check out TEDxyouthsantabarbara.com for more information.


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