Health Academy had a Special Guest

IAN BAUCKE News Editor

Local Congresswoman Lois Capps visited students of the San Marcos Health Academy Tuesday, February 16th, as part of her legacy tour during her last year in Congress before retirement. Mrs. Newman, Director of the Health Academy, invited Capps to a luncheon with several selected students from the academy. The lunch was catered with delicious food by San Marcos’s very own Cafe Royal.

The luncheon consisted of the various students in the Health Academy introducing themselves and describing why they applied to join the academy and how it has helped them narrow their desired career path and presented them with many hands on opportunities to get involved in the medical field. Some of these experiences include internships at Cottage Hospital in Santa Barbara, work with the Red Cross, and involvement in the Certified Emergency Response Team (CERT) program which helps with medical needs during natural disasters.

Although all the students saw themselves going into different career fields and had unique reasons for joining the academy, they all said one thing in common, they want to help people.

“I joined the Health Academy because my mom is a doctor and always told me about how awesome her job was,” Said junior Kai Faulkner. “I really wanted to go into a job where I could make a difference and help people, and I think the Health Academy is a great way to prepare for that.”Congresswoman Capps spent most of her time listening to the stories from the students, but near the end she shared her history in the medical profession as a nurse for the Santa Barbara School District and how she has used the skills she learned then as a member of Congress, especially in relation to health care policy.

“All the skills and experiences I used as a nurse I was able to use both in the campaign and while in congress,” Capps told the students. “You may be focused on a particular field now but just know that the things you learn can be applied to just about any profession.”

The students really enjoyed hearing from Rep. Capps and thought it was great she was visiting groups like the San Marcos Health Academy.

“I think it’s great that one of our legislative representatives like Congresswoman Capps is taking the time to go and connect with the local community, especially considering what she’s done in nursing and the insights she can give to aspiring medical professionals like us.”

Capps will be retiring at the end of this Congress in 2017 but during her legacy tour plans to visit many more local community organizations she has worked with in the past.




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