First Round of the Mock Trial County Competition

AMANDA MOORES Online Editor 

On Saturday February 20, the San Marcos Mock Trial team competed in the first round of the county competition, at the beautiful Santa Barbara Court House. At the end of round one, the team received a spot in the quarterfinals competition.

The team started their day by meeting early in the morning, dressed and prepared at the top level of a parking garage to get their momentum going. During the hour before court, both Prosecution and Defense teams practiced one last time and chanted positive feedback to one another. After preparing, the team split up into Prosecution and Defense and walked in line to different courtrooms. The San Marcos Prosecution team members are trial attorneys Olivia O’brien, Tally Wimbish, and Alex Guadagno. The pre-trial attorney is Gaby Goldberg. Witnesses include Kaden Donohoe, Natalie Hurt, Sophie Clementi, Amanda Moores and clerk, Lyla Krock. Prosecution’s first trial of the day was against Dos Pueblos JV. Whereas San Marcos Defense competed against Santa Barbara High School’s JV team. Both of our teams did very well and won the first trial.

“I was really excited because I knew how great everyone was in my team. Every single person contributed an equal and phenomenal amount of talent, said senior and Defense expert witness Daisy Scott. “Having the opportunity to work with these people and seeing them in action was truly amazing.”

The Defense team members are trial attorneys Kate Burt, Sophia Bordofsky, and Elizabeth Kravchuk. The pre-trial attorneys are Sarah Douglass and Katherine Newman. The witnesses are Sophia Jahadmy, Alexandria Marx, Lauryn Szegda, Daisy Scott, Izabella Garfias, Anna Vovk, Nate Ewert, and courtroom bailiff, Michael Wildfeuer.

During the second half of the day, San Marcos Prosecution and Defense battled against Carpinteria High School.They also won both of their trials during the second round.When the last trial ended, both Prosecution and Defense went to the jury room to the awards assembly.

Four of the members on Prosecution and Defense won awards. The Prosecution members that won were Junior Gaby Goldberg, who won best Prosecution pre-trial attorney, and Junior Olivia O’brien who won best Prosecution attorney. The two Defense members who won awards were senior Daisy Scott, best Gale Green witness, and freshman, Michael Wildfeuer who won an honorable mention.

Not only did four of our members win awards, but our whole team is one of the four schools going to quarterfinals along with Santa Barbara High school, Dos Pueblos JV, and Varsity for the second round.

The day ended with pictures in front of the jury room with our four winners and additional team members. The team will next assemble at the second round of county on Saturday, February 27.




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