Magnus Chase, a Must Read Book


Have you ever felt the sudden desire to escape from the stress of your new classes? The riveting new book by Rick Riordan called The Sword of Summer, the first book in the Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard series will do just that. Sure, people have read about Greek, Egyptian and Roman mythology but not many know of Norse mythology. Learn about the fierce Norse gods such as Loki, Thor, and many others as Riordan weaves together words that will lift you off of your couch and into the world of the Norse Gods.

The story starts with a homeless young man named Magnus Chase who is whisked away from his life of poverty when his dishonorable uncle hunts him down and secrets of his past are revealed. Magnus fights a formidable foe and his life is changed forever. He must find his birthright and prevent the end of the world called Ragnarok with the help of some unexpected friends.

When people start reading this book, many cannot put it down until they reach the end. The pages are filled with the classic Riordan humor and wit, while keeping all of the readers on the edge of their seats as the exciting plot unfolds. The book is fairly easy to read, it is a viable choice for all ages.

“Riordan is really descriptive,” said freshman Isaac Weinman. “He really puts things in perspective a lot better than most authors.”

As the protagonist Magnus proceeds through his difficult journey and as he battles against all odds, Magnus meets many lovable characters. Riordan never ceases to create enjoyable characters throughout all of his books. For example, the popular dynamic duo Hearthstone and Blitzen, who are introduced early in the book are always joking around and making readers laugh. Riordan makes the reader get to know the characters in this book in a more intimate way, and as the reader starts to fall in love with the book, one will begin to empathize with the characters.

“Great characters,” said a book review website called “And exciting action mark this series start based on Norse mythology.”

Full of twists and turns, Magnus Chase’s journey keeps the reader hungry for more. This book will be an adventure you will not forget.



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