Channel League Relay Win

Daniel Kim

Staff Writer

On Friday March 4, the San Marcos swim team won their first Channel League Relay of the year. San Marcos was joined by Santa Barbara High School, Dos Pueblos High School, Ventura High School, and Buena in the meet. Boys and girls alike in each division competed in multiple events.

San Marcos students in both varsity and junior varsity divisions had sweeping wins over the opposing schools. These wins were an accomplishment that has not been achieved for about 40 years.

“We have a wonderful team this year,” said senior Felipe Carsalade. “Everyone has been super encouraging and worked great together on our relays.”

Many of the members of swim team spent the first half of the year competing in water polo together. This time they spent with each other and the numerous practices they attended has brought them together to ensure they put in all the work necessary to do well this season.

“We really came together as a team to beat Santa Barbara and had lots of positive support from our fellow students,” said senior Grace Pizzinat. “I believe we have a good shot at winning league if we perform the way we have these past two weeks.”

From both the seasoned swimmers and new freshmen teammates this win over multiple schools was an exciting and confidence boosting experience.

On March 16, 2016 San Marcos hosted their first home meet against local rival Santa Barbara High School. San Marcos took the win against SBHS in both varsity and junior varsity. The meet was a great success for teammates and foreshadows a great season.

“This meet really inspired confidence in everyone,” said freshman Autumn Christman. “It felt great to win and I look forward to an amazing season!”

Overall San Marcos did a phenomenal job dominating the other schools. Come to Foothill High School on March 24 to support the San Marcos Swim Team.


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