Boys’ Golf


Staff Writer

As the boy’s golf season tees off, hopes are high and confidence is booming. After finishing last season undefeated and therefore winning Channel League, the expectations for the coming season are to continue the team’s reign of League.

“We could go undefeated again this season,” says Senior Captain Christopher Wong. “And even make it to State if we are on top of our game.”

This season, the team began with a narrow win over Arroyo Grande, a victory of just two strokes. After the match, they began to realize that they have a long way to go before they can think about sweeping League.  At this point, they are just trying to fix the last of their issues and continue to lower their totals as they continue to ramp up their season.

“We have been trying to get more focused,” continues Wong, “And have tried to find the areas of play where we are struggling and then correct them before League play begins.”

Currently, the team is 2-0 in league play, and looks to be well on their way to a season of domination. Their last match, a 380-404 victory over Santa Barbara High, was a testament to their hard work and preparation. They thoroughly dismantled their opponent, and proved to the rest of the Santa Barbara area that they are a force to be reckoned with.

Boys golf primarily practices for their matches by playing rounds at the local Sandpiper Golf Club. This course has a great variety of holes and scenarios that prepare them for almost anything they will face in league play. In all, the boys golf team is optimistic for the future, as their strong start has begun to propel them forward into a great season.


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