Entrepreneur Academy Field Trip at UCSB


Feature Editor

On Friday, February 26th, the sophomores of the Entrepreneurship Academy went on a field trip to the UCSB high ropes course. Since this is the first year of Entrepreneurship Academy for these sophomores, this field trip was designed to make one another comfortable with this group of people they’ll be spending the next three years of high school with.

They went to the ropes course at UCSB and bonded by supporting one another on the ropes course, especially those afraid of heights, and playing random trust building exercises with one another. The academy also gets to look forward to trips to Nike and possibly Beats by Dre, where they’ll get to see behind the scenes of those companies. The Entrepreneurship Academy is also beginning to plan the next Tedx Youth event, a local event bringing together various speakers to discuss certain issues and topics.

“It was really nice to bond with my classmates since I’ll be with them for the next three years,” said sophomore Grace Gau. “It’ll be fun to see what the next few years will be like.”

They also have many guest speakers to look forward to, approximately one a month. Tuesday, March 2nd, the owner of Spark Creative, a rental company, spoke in their class during third period. The guest speakers that come explain the ideas behind their business, how they make their profit, who their clients are, and the step by steps of how to own a business.

“This field trip was a great bonding experience for the Entrepreneurship Academy,” said sophomore Josh Blanchard, “I’m really excited for all the experiences we’ll have in the future.”

The Entrepreneurship Academy has many guest speakers and field trips to look forward to this year.


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