Golden State Warriors


Staff Writer

As the NBA (National Basketball Association) begins the second half of its 2015-2016 season, all eyes are turned towards the Golden State Warriors’ Steph Curry. The 6’ 3’’ point guard is having a season for the history books. He leads the NBA in points per game and three-point baskets made, and will most likely repeat as the league MVP (Most Valuable Player). His outstanding success raises the question of whether Curry is having one of the best or seasons of all time. But is he really?

When trying to decide whether Steph Curry’s incredible season is truly one of a kind, one must compare his season to that of other all time greats. Curry’s 304 three point makes (through 60 games) are the most all time, and there are still more than twenty games left in the season. His .459 3- point shooting percentage is the best ever by any player who attempted at least 550 3-pointers in a season. The unbelievable aspect of this is that Curry has attempted 662 3-pointers this season, with the record going to George McCloud with only 16 mores attempts at 678. Also, Curry’s overall shooting percentage of .510 is outstanding, as Michael Jordan’s best shooting season was a slightly better .538, but his 2-point shooting percentage is an off-the-charts .572, well above Jordans’ .553.

If seeing a bunch of number about his success is confusing or irritating, here is a much easier way to understand how good Curry’s numbers are. He simply makes more shots than anyone else, and does so every single game. He is extremely good in the clutch, and can be counted on 99% percent of the time to come through for a game-winning or game-saving shot. He accomplishes these is a variety of ways, including both fall-away threes that leave him falling into the applauding crowd, and half-court bank shots that leave announcers wondering if he is in fact human.

Curry is a once-in-a-generation athlete who provides a wonderful show game in and game out. He always impresses the fans and tells physics to take the night off. He can make shots from any angle on the court, and can beat opponents in a variety of ways. He loves the crossover, and beats opponents with the move regularly. He varies the move just enough so that it is next to impossible to defend, whether he adds an extra hesitation step before the move or fools the defender with the move before taking a quick dribble and then stepping back. This move, more often than not, ends with the opponent stumbling or even falling to the ground, often to the pleasure of the crowd. In this way, Steph Curry is not only the best shooter in the game of basketball, he is also the best all around player, which creates the incredible combination of a legend.


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