Boys’ Lacrosse Team is starting out strong


Staff Writer

On Monday, February 22 the Boys Lacrosse season officially started with a win against the team we almost lost to last year. This year is a fresh start for the team with new recruitments and some old players. The lacrosse team started practicing in early December to prepare everyone for the season ahead, getting the team readjusted using their sticks and learning some game strategies. Soon they will be facing off against rivals like Santa Barbara High School and new opponents like Saint Francis. But they have been practicing and trying to improve in anyway they can. Their coach, Rick Lehman, has been training them and having them show up to practice everyday so they can improve individually and also as a team. The team as a whole has been taking the season very seriously, but they have also managed to enjoy it.

“We’re starting off strong but we need to play better” said Dayne Dewan, “Seeing us playing better and taking down two tier teams.”

“Great group of guys with a lot of potential” said Justin Lehman, “We are hoping to improve to have an exciting and successful season love the fam yours truly Justin.”

Boys lacrosse started the season off with three wins against Laguna Blanca (14-8), Simi-Royals (10-3), and Dos Pueblos (10-4), and one loss against the new team Saint Francis(14-7). On Friday, San Marcos defeated their biggest rivals(11-7) against Santa Barbara Dons. Then later in the future they see themselves going to CIF.



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