Choir Comes Home with Awards


Staff Writer

On Thursday March 17, San Marcos’s Madcappella choir, Madrigal Singers, and Wind Ensemble traveled to San Diego for a WorldStrides On Stage Festival.  At this event, each of the three groups performed three pieces. They then received a rating and comments from three adjudicators, along with a 20 minute clinic on stage.

On the evening of Saturday March 19, after all the groups performed, an awards ceremony was  held at Seaworld. There were three possible rankings: Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Any of the groups that received a Gold ranking scored a 90 or above out of 100 and qualify to attend a festival of gold next year.

Both the Madcapella choir and Madrigal singers had scores in the high 90’s landing them in the gold ranking. The band also did extremely well, and their scores put them in the silver division. Both of the choirs won adjudicator awards and the Madrigal Singers won the Outstanding Choir Award. Jason Gonzalez-Larsen, who is a junior here at San Marcos, won an Outstanding Individual award for the solo he sang in one of the songs Madcapella performed. Because San Marcos had two choirs and a band entered in the competition, we qualified for the chance to win both the Choral Sweepstakes Award and the Sweepstakes Award. To win the Choral Sweepstakes Award, San Marcos had to have the highest combined score of two choral groups. To win the Sweepstakes award, San Marcos had to have the highest combined score of three groups, which had to include one choir, one band, and a third group from either category. Because of the amazing scores that both the choirs and the band received, San Marcos was able to win both the Choral Sweepstakes Award and the Sweepstakes Award.

Last year, San Marcos’s Madcappella choir, Enchatnté choir, and Madrigal Singers also all scored a 90 or above and qualified for the gold division at a festival in San Jose, California. The trip to San Jose was very enjoyable. Students got time to explore both the Monterey Bay Aquarium and the Winchester Mystery House.

“It was fun getting to know my classmates. I think everyone really bonded as a group, which made us perform better,” said junior Allison Rich when talking about last year’s choir trip to San Jose. “I’m really looking forward to festival this year. I hope we win again because it’s a very satisfying feeling to know that all of your hard work has paid off.”

All the choir and band students that went on the San Diego trip had an amazing time, and everyone is thrilled that all of the hard work has payed off. When not performing, students got to participate in a number of fun activities, including visiting the San Diego Zoo, Sea World, and Little Italy.

“I had a ton of fun on the choir and band trip!” said sophomore Lily McWhirter, a member of the Madcapella choir. “My favorite part was the time we spent in Little Italy and of course winning all the awards.”

Over the past several years, the San Marcos choirs and bands have won numerous awards, and it is all thanks to the amazing conductors who dedicate so much of their time and effort to their students. So, let’s give a special thanks to Mrs. Teraoka-Brady and Mr. Kiyoi.



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