Fun in the Sun


Staff Writer

With Spring Break on the horizon, students can look forward to a week of relaxation and fun. Santa Barbara is gifted with great weather and lush yards which can make for some fun outdoor games and activities. So instead of watching Netflix or laying in bed all day, use the great outdoors as a source of entertainment.

As an alternative to waking up and marathoning your favorite show, start the day off by dragging your half asleep friends or siblings out for a game of Blanket Volleyball. Blanket Volleyball is an eight person game that uses two blankets and a net. There are four people per team and each person holds a corner of the blanket. One team starts out with the ball in the middle of their blanket, and as a team they lower and raise the blanket accordingly to send the ball flying over to the other team, who follows a similar process to receive the ball.

During the afternoon, an enjoyable game to play is Paint Dodgeball. For Paint Dodgeball, you will need water balloons filled with washable ink and water, two containers for each team, and white shirts. The rules are similar to normal dodgeball except that the main differences are that no one gets out and the game is governed by a point system. The point system is as follows: subtract one point for the balloon popping in your hand, add two points if you catch your opponent’s balloon without popping it, and add one point if you hit an opponent.

“It’s great,” said freshman Tanner Stevens. “The paint adds a special effect to it that makes it exciting, making it similar to Color Runs.”

An entertaining game to play at night is Glow in the Dark Capture the Flag. Essentially, Glow in the Dark Capture the Flag is the same as the usual Capture the Flag, but the flags are replaced with glowsticks.

“Glow in the Dark Capture the Flag is really interesting,” said Emma Balster-Nelson, an elementary school student, “I really like the idea of being in the dark and using glow sticks as flags since you can’t see other players and you’re are always on the edge.”

There are many things you can do to kill time over Spring break. Some may stay home and watch Netflix, others may go travel, and others may be active in a sport. It is important to balance both indoor and outdoor activities over our break, so play on Royals.  


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