Pi Day: 3.141592


Staff Writer

Pi and pie: that’s what March 14 is all about. Pi Day is a day dedicated to the irrational, infinite number 3.14. Also known as the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, the constant number has been calculated more than 3 trillion digits past its decimal. 3.14 has shown up in older writings, a form appearing in even the Old Testament of the Bible. Archimedes was the one who discovered that Pi is about 22/7, and the one who assigned Pi the Greek letter π was the well known mathematician Leonhard Euler, the namesake of Euler’s formula.

Though Pi Day is a day of pie and math, the importance of the day is debated by many people. To some the holiday seems like a waste of time for math students, and to others it is a way for students to think about math in a different way if only for a day.

“I think the Pi Day is a good day for math,” said math teacher Mr. Sunukjian. “But I don’t think that it’s very important for math students to know about it, because they can still learn about math without knowing about this holiday.”

Students agreed with the math teacher, many saying that they didn’t believe that having a day dedicated to Pi is such a great thing.

“Pi Day definitely isn’t my favorite holiday,” said freshman Kimberly Silva. “I just don’t think that it’s very important for math students. Plus, I don’t even like pie.”

Even with the naysayers, Pi Day still goes on, celebrations varying from sales of 31.4% on different products, to eating pie in local bakeries. On Pi Day, there were many different Pi related sales: Whole Foods took $3.14 off of their price for pie, and $2 off their pizzas, a special prize of 3.14 years of free Pizza Hut pizza came to the math geniuses who could solve the 3 problems created by a Princeton Professor, and Think Geek gave a free Pi Day shirt to any customer who spent more than $25.

Ways you can honor Pi Day next year are baking your own pie, attempting to free-hand draw a perfect circle, or reciting the digits of Pi. Stock up on your pie or Pi related clothing to wear on March 14 to show off your inner mathematician, and advertise the subject of many math classes. Though it is recognized as a national holiday, there are still many people who do not know about Pi Day, and only encounter the value in geometry class and Pi puns. Getting the word out about Pi Day not only will improve math knowledge around the world, but will also create new Pi related sales.

Even with the varied opinions, Pi Day is still a developing holiday, great for math students worldwide. Improving knowledge about Pi Day could be beneficial for math students, more so for the younger ones who need a more fun way to think about math, and what could be more fun than pie? So make sure to tell others about Pi Day next year, it will be a piece of pie.


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