Swim Meet in Santa Ana


Staff Writer

On March 24, 2016 the San Marcos boys and girls swim team traveled to compete against Foothill High School in Santa Ana. Although this school is not well known to many students, it is highly acknowledged for its exceptional swim program and athletes. San Marcos lost by a close score of 80-90 which all came down to the last relay. Although it was a loss overall, there were many small victories.

Amanda Hayes, a senior for Varsity achieved first in the 100 breast and had a personal best in the 4×100 free relay with a time of 54 seconds. Olivia Smith, known for her butterfly, also got first in the 100 butterfly and 200 freestyle.

“The meet today couldn’t have been more successful,” said freshman Varsity swimmer Fiona Kuesis. “Our program’s true teamwork and passion for this sport thoroughly showed throughout the whole day. As far as my personal record, it’s vital for me to be in a situation surrounded by positivity to perform my best. Having the whole team supporting and cheers me on is the reason I performed so well today.”

Although they did not win this time the San Marcos swim team learned a lot from this competition.

It was a phenomenal dual meet, we swam very well,” said coach Brian Roth, head of the aquatics program. “It came down to the last relay.”

Be sure to make it out to future swim meets by heading over to the pool. San Marcos is scheduled to play away at Glendora High School, one of the most talented teams in Southern California on April 7, 2016 at 3:00 pm. Stay tuned for an astonishing season that is predicted to lead us to CIF.



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