Update on Election: Trump vs Clinton?


News Editor

It appears that the two presumptive nominees for President of the United States will be Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Following the results of the March 15th primaries where Trump won Florida, Illinois, and North Carolina, and Clinton won Florida, Illinois, Ohio, and North Carolina, both frontrunners have a wide lead in delegates over their competitors. As of now Trump has won half the delegates needed to get a majority and Clinton has won two-thirds.

Although things look quite bleak for Bernie Sanders, who has half the delegates Clinton does, there may be some hope left for Republicans who do not want to see Donald Trump become their nominee. If Trump does not have a majority of delegates on the first vote when the Republican National Convention convenes in Cleveland this July, then all of the delegates are free to vote for whoever they like, which could mean that Ted Cruz, if he remains competitive with Trump until then, has a shot at the nomination. And even though John Kasich won his home state of Ohio tuesday night, denying Trump a good chunk of delegates, there is no realistic path forward for him.

Arguably the biggest development of the March 15th primary was Marco Rubio’s loss in his home state of Florida, causing him to end his campaign for the presidency. Many looked at Rubio favorably for, despite holding hardline conservative views, having an aspirational message and for appealing to voters optimism instead of their fears. However after a poor showing in New Hampshire and on Super Tuesday, Rubio simply did not have a way to win the nomination, so in his hometown of Miami, he ended his campaign. But he had more to say than just ‘goodbye.’

“The politics of resentment against other people will not just leave us a fractured party,” said the Florida Senator. “It will leave us a fractured nation. It will leave us as a nation where people literally hate each other, because they have different political opinions.”

While dismayed by the current level of political discourse, Rubio also affirmed his pride in the campaign he ran, saying it was positive, inspiring, and focused on the issues we face.

“After tonight it is clear that while we are on the right side, this year we will not be on the winning side. I take great comfort in the ancient words which teach us that in their hearts humans plan their course but the lord establishes their steps.”

Rubio ended his speech with a final prayer, emphasizing his belief that what happens in the election and to the country is ultimately in the hands of a greater power.

Turning to the other side of the aisle, Hillary Clinton gave a triumphant speech after her many victories over Sanders, and she also took the opportunity to attack her likely opponent, Donald Trump.

“Now today, all of you in the states where contests were held voted to break down the barriers that hold us all back, so every one of us can share in the promise of America,” Clinton said. “You voted. You voted for our tomorrow to be better than our yesterday. Tomorrow where all of us do our part and everyone has a chance to live up to his or her god given potential. Because that’s how America can live up to its potential too. And, yes, our next president has to bring our country together. So we can all share in the promise of America. We should be breaking down barriers, not building walls. We’re not going to succeed by dividing this country between us and them.”

Meanwhile, Trump kept his speech on message, focusing on the two things he talks about the most, bringing back jobs from overseas, and winning.

“We will, someday in the not too distant future—if I win, otherwise it’s not going to happen, I have to be honest with you—but Apple, and all of these great companies will be making their great products in the United States, not in China, Vietnam,” Trump said.

“We’re going to go forward, and we’re going to win,” Trump said at the end of his speech. “But more importantly we’re going to win for the country, we’re gonna win, win, win, and we’re not stopping, we’re going to have great victories for our country.

As we have all learned from this election season, anything is possible. But as of now it appears that unless Ted Cruz or Bernie Sanders can make a comeback, America’s choice for President in 2016 will be between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.



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