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Santa Barbara County’s most talented student screenwriters and directors were selected for the 12th annual 10-10-10 Student Screenwriting and Filmmaking Competition hosted by the Santa Barbara International Film Festival. The films were screened at the Arlington Theater on February 13. San Marcos senior Courtney Morse won the high school screenwriting portion for her screenplay titled Lost and Found.

The competition was composed of 10 films, 10 days, and 10 crews. Students from Santa Barbara County secondary and postsecondary institutions had the opportunity of submitting screenplays and film clips to be considered for entry in the competition. Prior to the competition, judges selected the 10 best screenplays and film crews to participate. Then, each screenplay was paired with a director. The pairs were placed with a mentor who helped them through the directing process. The directors and screenwriters worked together to produce the films 10 minute long films, with only 10 days to film and edit. On the tenth day, the entries were showcased at a free showing at the Arlington Theater.

“The highlight of 10-10-10 was working with my mentor,” said Morse. “Her name is Pamela Gray and she has written some well known movies such as Conviction, Music of the Heart, and A Walk on the Moon. She was so supportive of me and my writing throughout the whole process. We would meet and just go over the script, making sure everything made sense and portrayed the story the way I hoped it would.”

Morse’s film Lost and Found stood out as the best overall film. In addition to winning best screenplay, it also was chosen as best cinematography by Laguna Blanca senior Kylan Tran. The plot of Lost and Found followed a grandfather with dementia who ends up at a high school party with his granddaughter’s friends. The script was full of wit and used phenomenons such as Snapchat stories for teens to relate. At the screening on February 13, the short received high praises by the audience and judges. Morse found a new passion for screenwriting when developing her script.

“I for sure could see a future in screen writing for myself,” said Morse. “I plan on having a career in film acting, but screenwriting is also something I would love to pursue. I love acting and I also love writing so it is perfect that they are both involved in the one industry I can see myself in: the film industry.”

The Santa Barbara International Film Festival and directors of the 10-10-10 competition invite anyone with a passion for screenwriting or movie making to submit an application. Morse also encourages anyone wanting to try their hand in the film industry to do so by participating in 10-10-10.

“You can participate by being a screenwriter or a director, and either way you get an amazing experience out of it,” said Morse. “Don’t worry about whether you won’t get in or not, just making a film or writing a script for the entry is fun. I am so grateful that Mr. Solis strongly encouraged me to enter into the competition, without him I would never have done it by myself. Also the Santa Barbara International Film Festival is a very well known festival and just being part of it was such an honor.”

In preparation for the 2017 SBIFF, any San Marcos film-enthusiasts should prepare a screenplay or directing sample to be considered for the 10-10-10 competition.


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