An Inspirational Film


Sports Editor

Mad Dogs is a film about three surfers, Danilo Couto, Marcio Freire, and Yuri Soledade who left their hometown in Brazil to move to Hawaii to pursue their surfing careers. On weeks with huge waves, Danilo, Marcio, and Yuri would tell their boss they were going to be gone for a week or two. After Danilo surfed for a while he was surprised when he was not chosen to surf in any big wave competitions because of his previous accomplishments.

Before the idea of joining surf competitions, the three men surfed for their enjoyment and they built up their reputation through their favorite spot Jaws. During one of their trips to Maui, Danilo, Yuri, and Marcio found a spot that had perfect waves, but to their surprise no one was there. Little did they know that the big waves that they loved riding were called “Jaws”, now an icon for surfers.  After a while, the word started to get out about Jaws, but to the surprise of Marcio, Yuri and Danilo no one was showing up to surf. People started to call Marcio a “mad dog” because people would come and see this Brazilian surfing massive waves and they thought he was crazy for riding them.

In 2011, Danilo caught one of the biggest waves ridden at Jaws and won the Ride of The Year award. After being one of the first to pioneer Jaws and winning Ride of The Year, it was a surprise that he was not and still has not been invited to any big wave events. The movie brings up a point that the WSL (World Surfing League), is biased in choosing surfers to compete in big wave events.

The movie encourages people to call on the WSL to change their ways, allowing people who are not as famous to surf in competitions. The movie does a good job of telling the full story of Yuri, Marcio, and Danilo, as well as adding points of view from other surfers as well as a representative from WSL. Any surfer or someone who is interested in surfing should watch this video. This film gives skillful surfers hope that things might change and that they do not have to be a well known surfer to compete in big surf competitions.


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