Deadpool Movie Review


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Every Marvel and DC fan practically lept out of their seats when the hilarious comic Deadpool was announced as the subject of the newest hit Marvel movie. Collecting the most money ever on opening week for a rated R movie, Deadpool earned 135 million dollars within the first three opening days of it being in theaters. Many doubted that an R rated superhero movie would be successful, but Deadpool broke past many barriers as well as shattering the fourth wall multiple times w the main character talking straight to the audience. Full of raunchy jokes, the likeable protagonist Wade Wilson left the audience clutching their sides with laughter. The popular movie, although inappropriate for young ages, is a must see for all superhero fans around the world. It’s not a particularly good movie to see with your family, but nonetheless the anti-hero is overall a fantastic contribution to Marvel’s super team.

Deadpool, also known as Wade Wilson, is a sarcastic, ex-Special Forces operative, tasked with jobs that vary from scaring off pizza boys to being a component mercenary. He had a great time killing people, and in between, met up with his girlfriend Vanessa Carlysle. That is until he was diagnosed

with a terminal cancer. In a leap of faith he chose to take a stranger’s offer to cure him, but with that cure also came a downside: he became severely disfigured. With his newly found healing powers, another side effect of the cure, he set out on a hilarious mission of revenge to find the man who did this to him and to get his girl back.

Actor Ryan Reynolds did a more than satisfactory job with his character Deadpool, far better than his performance in Green Lantern (2011). The smooth, charismatic Reynolds was a perfect match for the equally charismatic and witty Wade Wilson. Reynolds squeezes as much humor as he can with his character, succeeding with his goals and making Wilson a character that the viewers will not forget.

In what appears to be an unofficial global apology for his dead-in-the-water performance in the 2011 debacle The Green Lantern,” said movie reviewist Jim Schembri, “Ryan Reynolds pushes hard on his funny buttons in the try-hard superhero pseudo-send up Deadpool.”

And many viewers agree with the critics.

“It’s my favorite Marvel movie,” said freshman Joshua Anderson, “The jokes made it better than the other Marvel movies, even the Avengers.”

The many innuendos, funny fight scenes, and the comically timed pan of the camera made it hard for the audience to resist Deadpool’s childlike charm. Throughout the movie, even the most serious scenes were always interrupted by the witty banter between Deadpool and the other characters.

I loved pretty much everything about Deadpool,” said junior Logan Briner, “There wasn’t really a bad part about the movie. Even the slow parts were exciting, in a sense. It was everything the movie could have been, and more.”

The Deadpool movie brought the recovery of Ryan Reynold’s name, and is a hilarious new addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Deadpool, from comic form to movie form is a perfect transition that viewers love and critics adore. So if you have yet to see the movie, grab your tickets and buy your popcorn, and get ready for your sides to hurt from your laughter.


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