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February and March have brought new interesting titles and continuations of fan favorite video games to the table, some of which include Fire Emblem Fates and Far Cry Primal. Fire Emblem Fates is a tactical turn based role playing game developed by Nintendo. The game has garnered huge success, selling 300,000 copies its first weekend in the United States, selling five times more than its predecessor, Fire Emblem: Awakening which was released in 2012.  

Nintendo has released three versions of the game, Birthright, Conquest, and Revelation. Each game differs in storyline and difficulty with the same cast of characters. The three games are set in the territories of Nohr and Hoshido, rival kingdoms who share a similar line of descent from dragons. The beginning of the different versions start off identically, but they branch off after the sixth chapter of the storylines. In Birthright, the Avatar, the main protagonist, sides with the Kingdom of Hoshido and in Conquest, the Avatar sides with Nohr. In Revelation, he or she does not chose a side. As a whole, the game brings an interesting cast of characters and phenomenal music. It also introduces a new battle system which brings an interesting feature to the game.

“It’s an emotional and engaging journey, one where I often teared up as siblings accused each other of treason and challenged one another to mortal combat,” said Meghan Sullivan, a writer for IGN, a game and entertainment media company. “This sad tale is elevated by excellent art direction that uses sweeping angles and well-timed close-ups on characters’ expressive faces to convey pain, regret, or hope as the two warring factions fight for supremacy.”

The storylines of the varying paths are different yet they tie together beautifully once players have played all three of the versions.

Far Cry Primal is an adventure-action game developed by Ubisoft that takes place in 10,000 BC, the start of the Mesolithic period in Central Europe. The game beautifully depicts the environment and characters in the game. The main purpose of the protagonist is to establish his tribe, the Wenja, as the dominant tribe in fictional Orros Valley and he must find allies to help him along the way.The charm of Far Cry Primal is not the story, but the new features implemented into the game such as being able to tame wild animals to be your companions. Compared to the prior Far Cry games, there is more emphasis on gathering materials and close quarter combat. In addition, players do not know much about the main protagonist, Takkar, which makes him not an engaging character in comparison to Jason Brody or Ajay Ghale, main protagonists from previous Far Cry games.

“Your arsenal is comprised of Stone Age favorites like clubs and spears, as well as the staple Far Cry bow and arrow,” said Andy Kelly, a writer for PC Gamers, a popular video game news website. “Occasionally I yearned for the deadly rattle of an assault rifle, but the new weapons, while comparatively limited, are fun to use.”

The past months have truly kicked off the year for the video game industry with frequent releases of games of different genres. With Nintendo and Ubisoft leading in sales, many game developers were highly successful with the games they released. Hopefully this momentum of great game releases can carry on through the rest of 2016.



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