Every 15 Minutes


Editor in Chief & Photo Editor

Every two years, as part of the Every 15 Minutes program, juniors and seniors of San Marcos are presented a live performance that depicts the worst case scenario in any automotive collision. This year was no different as on April 5, San Marcos students witnessed an accurate representation of the aftermath of a car crash. The event, which took place in San Marcos’ very own C-Lot, was composed of 2 demolished prop cars with volunteer students in place to act as the victims of the accident, further making the scene look more gruesome and realistic.

The program is specifically designed to dissuade junior and senior adolescents from driving under the influence under any circumstances. It teaches teens that doing so can cost more than just their own lives, but also the lives of those around them.

“I think that every school should have a program like this and that San Marcos is lucky to have the support from a program that gives students the information that they need in a real life situation” said Mr Thrasher when asked about the importance of the Every 15 Minutes program.

“The importance is saving lives, our goal is to reduce the mileage death rate, which is one life lost every 100 miles driven in California,” said Officer Gutierrez, a California Highway Patrol officer who was on scene the day of the performance. “In 1995, every 15 minutes, on average one person would die or be seriously injured in a car accident, since then we have reduced it to every 30 minutes.”

On Tuesday, April 6, the day after the students witnessed Every 15 Minutes live, the juniors and seniors gathered in the the auditorium for part two of the program. It began with a stirring presentation featuring two speakers about a girl named Mallory Dies who was killed by a drunk driver. The first speaker was her father, Matt Dies. He spoke about Mallory’s life, telling the audience all of the good things about his daughter as well as the aftermath of her death. The second speaker was a best friend of Mallory’s,  who was present at the time of her accident and told the story of what happened on the fateful night she was struck. Both speakers brought emotion and passion to their speeches and commanded the audience’s attention.

The second portion of the event was the big San Marcos part of the program. The students in the auditorium were shown a 20 minute video directed by San Marcos junior Andrew Davis and filmed by Davis and juniors Tanner Funk, Simon Baumann, and Matt Hempy. The video is the biannual Every 15 Minutes complete video, and showed the grisly accident scene that the students saw the day before as well as the backstory and aftermath of the accident. The video was fantastically and professionally done, and achieved its goals of both making it realistic and making it emotionally provoking. Every student who watched the video left the building with something in their minds of the message the video wanted to get across.

This year, the Every 15 minutes program was a rousing success. The San Marcos students put in a lot of effort into making this year as powerful as possible, and came through in every way they could.


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