Do High Schoolers Still Participate in April Fools’?


Online Editor and Staff Writer

Is April Fools’ becoming a dying holiday for High Schoolers? A recent poll of 40 SM students showed that 70% of students did not participate.

  One reason for the holiday becoming less and less prominent is because April Fools’ usually falls during spring break or when students are usually studying for major tests. Another reason the holiday may be dying is because some students believe that the pranks are getting too vicious and goes against the light hearted nature of April Fools’.

“I think April Fools’ is dying,” said freshman Ishaan Karandikar. “We are getting older and the pranks are getting more violent as shown on Youtube and other social media sites.”

On the other hand, some SM students believe that the holiday’s popularity is not dying.

“April Fools’ is not dying,” said freshman Tanner Stevens, “because you see it all over social media and between professional athletes.”

Counselor, Mr. Gil agrees with Tanner Stevens regarding the popularity of April Fools’.

“When I was in high school April Fools’ was very big,”said counselor Mr. Gil. Everyone started the holiday with a plan to fool somebody whether it was a fellow peer or parents.”

High school students are getting too busy with homework, AP exam review, after school activities, and school events. In addition, it takes a lot of time to plan a hilarious prank that can be remembered for years to come.

While some students believe that April fools is a slowly dying holiday in High School, other students believe that April Fools’ is still as popular as it was when you were a kid.

On the popular video streaming platform Youtube, countless Youtubers pull pranks on their subscribers. For example, Youtube cover artist Amalee, posted joke covers on her account and expressing her thoughts to her viewers. Another example is when famous video game Youtuber, CaptainSparklez, pulled a joke on his viewers saying that he opened a new fashion channel.  

      After interviewing students and taking a poll, we have determined that April Fools’ is becoming less and less popular in high school. While some people may not believe it, the facts prove that 70% of people who were interviewed didn’t fool anyone on April Fools.



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