Santa Barbara Earth Day Festival

Online Editor

Passion and determination have sparked a rapidly spreading movement of humans being more environmental conscious towards Mother Earth. Earth Day is a worldwide celebration that demonstrates the support of protecting the environment and a day to help educate people on living more sustainable lifestyles. People around the world voice their concerns by demonstrating support for the environment in festivals, parades, or protests. These national events are held to celebrate Earth Day all across the world.

The first Earth Day holiday was in the 1970s. The movement started to spread awareness about being more environmentally conscious. The idea of creating a day about environmental awareness was created by founder, Gaylord Nelson. At the time, Gaylord Nelson was a US senator from Wisconsin. The movement started because of a devastating oil spill in Santa Barbara, CA in 1969. Senator Nelson was inspired by the time and energy protesters put towards an anti-war campaign and thought he could create a group with the same passion, but for the Earth. Senator Nelson later organized a committee of eighty five people to be part of the Earth Day board. The first Earth day was held on April 22, 1970. According to Earth Network, nearly 20 million Americans participated in Earth Day celebrations.

The well know Earth Day celebration in Santa Barbara took place, once again, at Alameda Park on April 16 and 17. Events included climate education, treasure hunts for kids, local artists performing, auctions, businesses promoting environmentalism, and delicious food.

“The Santa Barbara Earth Festival is a great cultural event for the community to come together, said freshman Jayne Wood. “It’s important to learn and spread awareness about environmental problems.”

The Santa Barbara Earth Day Festival’s goal is to make the event even more sustainable than the years before. The festival tries to be as green and sustainable as possible. For example, they try to reducing plastic consumption at the fair by using reusable cups, encouraging vendors to sell organic and local food products, having a free bike valet parking area, and offering many other sustainable alternatives.

“I think it’s really important to have an Earth Day festival, in Santa Barbara, said junior Grace Quittner, “It unites a common goal of sustainability in the Santa Barbara community”.

The Santa Barbara Earth Day festival was yet another successful event that brought the community together to celebrate Mother Earth.



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