Boys’ Lacrosse Update


Staff Writer

The boys lacrosse season has been off to a great start, crushing Santa Barbara, Dos Pueblos, and other schools. On April 5th, Dos Pueblos lost against San Marcos (15-6). The home game went really well for the team, and was great practice for their upcoming championship game against Santa Barbara. “Teamwork was the key factor to this big victory,” said sophomore Isaac Oh, “and winning against city rivals was a great accomplishment for the season.”

    On April 14th, they battled Santa Barbara for the City Championship title, and despite a rough start, the team persevered and ultimately won 12-11. Paul Robitaille brought the game to an 11-11 tie, then Jack Palmer scored the winning overtime goal. The boys team won the City Championship last year, so defending their title was very important to them.“We were on the sidelines praying to tie the game against Santa Barbara,” says Ryan Lehman, “but as soon as we got the chance to tie, the whole team decided to push as hard as they could to win against our rivals and keep the championship title.”



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