Possible Royal Time Changes



The controversy over Royal Time continues as San Marcos waits to hear the verdict on the teacher vote. The real question though is what students think about Royal Time, is it really helping or is it giving students more time to goof around? I asked around and found that less than 10% of students wish that there was no Royal Time at all. 90% percent like Royal Time just the way it is.

“I like royal time,” said sophomore Annika Dahlstrom. “I usually use it as an extended lunch time but when I need to, it provides a nice buffer zone for going and talking to my teachers and completing homework or other projects.” This seems to be a popular opinion among students.

“ I don’t have an assigned royal time but I think It can be helpful to those who use the time wisely,” said Maryiah Neal. “But I think kids who don’t have a royal time should be able to take their cars and get lunch early.” Many students agree with this opinion, but members of staff are not budging on that rule.

“I wish Royal Time was after first period because then I would be able to have a longer break after first period,” Said Stacia Greg. “I like having breaks spread out in my day and I hope Royal Time gets moved.”

“I do not like Royal time, but I do need it. Just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean it’s not beneficial to you,” said Kate Erikson. “Royal time is the time where I can make up tests and correct them, work on homework I wouldn’t be able to after school, talk to my teachers, and talk to my counselors. Obviously, Royal time sucks and I would much rather sit in my friends car and eat Chipotle, but what can you do.”

There are many conflicting opinions about Royal Time and no one can really tell what will happen. Will Royal Time be moved to after first period? Will it be cancelled all together? San Marcos holds its breath as we wait to hear the fate of Royal Time.



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