AP Students Turn to City College


Staff Write

Many students choose to take AP classes because it allows them  to challenge themselves and receive college credit. However, recently more students have chosen to take their classes at Santa Barbara City College (SBCC), instead of the AP classes at SM. Many people are curious as to why so many students have been taking classes at SBCC instead of regular AP. There are many pros and cons to both alternatives, for example, prices, college’s preference, and student’s interaction in classes.

Some students prefer SBCC classes because they get the college credit for a reduced cost. Classes at City College are free for dual enrollment students, while the AP test costs 97 dollars. Along with a cheaper price, the classes at SBCC are known to have less work. For example, a history class will only consist of a midterm, paper, and final. Taking SBCC classes does not require the AP, and if you do take the AP test you will not receive the credit unless you get a test score of three or above. Classes at SBCC can potentially decrease a student’s academic load for the next semester, for example, students can take a six week course over the summer and not take it over the school year.

“I like taking my classes at SBCC because it’s easier to balance them, it’s less stressful because you don’t have to take specific tests for college credit, and the workload is a lot less,” said sophomore Louise Naumann. “However, the main reason I take my classes at City College is because you can go alot further and take higher level courses. In subjects such as math and physics, SBCC offers classes the AP classes don’t,  which is good if you want to go further in a specific subject.”

SBCC classes have a lot of positive features, however, they may not be for everyone. Santa Barbara City College credit is only recognized by some universities. Some students also want to be around people their own age because they are more comfortable participating and learning in an environment with peers.

“Taking classes at San Marcos allows you to collaborate more with other students, because it is easier to work with students that are in the same stage of life,” said junior Phillip Naumann. “For example, taking classes at SM has helped me form study groups and meet new people.

Taking classes at SBCC allow you to go further in your academic career, on the other hand taking classes at San Marcos gives students the opportunity to interact with their peers and experience high school life together. It is important that all San Marcos students know that there are different options where they can take classes. It is also essential to find a learning environment that fits so that every student can succeed.


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