Boys Swim Season is Over


Staff Writer

Boys swim have had a phenomenal season this year, one of the more successful seasons yet. Many new and returning swimmers beat personal records. Almost undefeated, San Marcos earned a second place finish at Channel League Finals.

After months of hard work and dedication for finals, San Marcos ranked second out of five schools; including local high schools Santa Barbara High School, Dos Pueblos High School, Buena High School and Ventura High School.

This season had many seniors who will be leaving, so underclassmen will be moving up in ranks. Eight varsity spots will be filled by eager swimmers who are looking to create a bond with the team and swim their best. Seniors leaving this year include: George Keusis, Jade Hart, Chuck Sweeney, Brenden Ring, Taylor Lund, James Willhite, Jack Corbin, and Felipe Carsalade.

Among many impressive things, one of the most impressive thing San Marcos’s boys swim achieved this season was winning in the Channel League Relays, something they have not done in over 40 years. Another impressive thing was that San Marcos lost only two meets this season.

“Swim team has had a profound impact on me” said senior Jack Corbin, “Throughout the years it’s taught me discipline and self reliance, out of swim team I got a great group of friends and lessons about life. I love being around my teammates, they have always been there for me.”

Teamwork was a very important part of this season, as fellow athletes encouraged each other during their races.

“I feel like I really got to become part of a team,” said varsity freshman Tristan Depew, “We supported each other while we were competing.”

The team has bonded over the course of five months and only continues to get stronger. Boy’s swim is looking forward to a great season next year and to continue improving, aiming to place first in CIF Finals.  


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