Ocean Related Activities in SB


Staff Writer

With summer vacation closing in, we have time to kick back and explore the wonders of Santa Barbara. Students do not have to leave Santa Barbara to have a great summer vacation since Santa Barbara has beautiful beaches and amazing marine animals which contribute to  great ocean related activities.

During the summer, fishing is an exciting activity to do whether you fish on the pier or on a boat. Depending on the temperature of the water and the time of day, fishermen can reel in up to five mackerels and sardines at a time with the proper hooks. Occasionally, pier fishermen can catch thresher sharks, lizardfish, halibut, and stingrays. Aboard the Stardust, a boat owned by Stardust Sportfishing, fishermen usually reel in rockfish, red snapper, lingcod, and halibut during the summer season. The fish are plentiful in the summer and there is more than enough game to share amongst the passengers of the boat.  

“I really like fishing,” said freshman Blake Kiriakidis. “I enjoy the surge of adrenaline when you are fighting to reel in the fish. Also there is a very satisfying feeling when you finally reel up the fish.”  

Another activity that takes place off our coast is whale watching. Whale watching is a fun activity to do with family and friends. The Santa Barbara Channel is home to about thirty different species of seals, dolphins, sea lions, whales, and other aquatic animals that can be spotted on a whale watching trip. Santa Barbara is one of the best places to go whale watching in southern California and the Discovery Channel agrees. The channel accentuated the lavish marine life in the Santa Barbara channel and dubbed it “One of the 10 Best Places in the World to View Wildlife.”

One more activity to do in the summer is swimming in the ocean. Swimming is simple and people can enjoy it with their friends and family. It can lead to the discovery of marine animals such as sea stars and sea cucumbers. Also swimming in the ocean has many health benefits including better skin, better circulation, and improved immune systems.  

“It’s fun to swim in the ocean because you can be one with nature and you can see animals occasionally while swimming. It is also really fun to swim against the waves,” said freshman class president Chloe Ricci. “The salt water feels refreshing and the beach is a great hangout spot with friends.”

Anyone in Santa Barbara can have a fun filled vacation without leaving home. Luckily, the people of Santa Barbara live near the ocean and they are able to have the opportunities to go whale watching, fishing, or simply enjoy the ocean.


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