Senior Advice for High School Students


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As the school year comes to an end, seniors leaving high school are entering into a new chapter in their lives. High school is a time when people prepare for their future and become who they want to be in the world. Their experiences and advice can be helpful for other students in high school to guide them through their struggles and trials.

“High school is a time to grow. My best advice would be to challenge yourself by doing things outside your comfort zone because that is how you are going to learn about yourself,” said senior Emma Tracy. “Always be open to learning new things. You will be successful if you always give your best effort. Try not to get too stressed about school and make sure you have fun along the way!”

I think all seniors would agree that high school is only four years of your life and you will want to look back at it as a positive experience. It is important to realize the important things in high school, for example: friends, sports, other curricular activities, and learning. It is easy to get too caught up in future college choices, test scores, and social status.

Senior Keaton Shinn compares the game of dodgeball to high school because you are constantly trying to protect yourself from things knocking you down.

“Aim for the legs; not the face,” said Keaton.

Other seniors feel grateful that they have the opportunity to be educated at an advanced level and say it is important to remember this privilege.

“The years that you spend in high school are easy and fun, but some of the best advice I can give is to look forward to every moment of every day you’ve been blessed with to be able to be in high school,” said senior Jacob Barret.

“High school is all about making connections and learning how to make studying easy,” said senior Savannah Hodson. “So learn how to study and talk to people.”

This is a good time to ask any senior for advice. They will be gone soon.


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