The End of the Season for Boys Lacrosse


Staff Writer

The boys lacrosse team ended their season with 8 wins and 3 losses and proved that they are a force to be reckoned with in CIF. The season ended on Wednesday, May 4 for Varsity and Thursday, May 5 for Junior Varsity. San Marcos has beaten each of the local Channel League schools, Santa Barbara, Dos Pueblos, and Laguna Blanca, twice. The last game against Santa Barbara ended with San Marcos scoring two goals in the last 40 seconds to tie before winning in overtime.

“This was probably a fun game to watch, but playing in it was a little too close for comfort, even with San Marcos winning,” said junior Joseph Panossian.

The first game they lost was to Saint Francis, a school from LA. The second one was against Thacher, the first school in California to start a lacrosse program. Even though San Marcos was supposed to lose this match they stayed with Thacher and only fell behind in the fourth quarter. Cate, the second school to start a lacrosse program in California, played San Marcos on Friday, April 29. Even though this was a really close game in the beginning, Cate took it away in the second half.

“We were close to beating Cate and Thacher this year but in future seasons I think we can definitely beat both of them,” said senior Jack Palmer.

The team was led by captains Justin Lehman, and Jack Palmer, both of the two top scorers on the team. The two goalies were Ryan Lehman and Mason Little. There were 30 students on varsity and 25 on Junior Varsity for a total of 55 players in the entire San Marcos Lacrosse program.  

“The team has been working very hard since early fall and it has paid off, hence our winning record,” said head coach Rick Lehman.

The seniors that will be leaving this year are Jack Palmer, Greg Andaloro, Paul Robitaille, Canaan Cates, Jose Mejia, Julien Mathieu, and Dakota Crowley. Even with six seniors leaving the team, San Marcos will have a good chance of beating Cate and Thacher next year with the whole team improving in the off season.



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