The Three Main High School Languages


Staff Writers

Salve omnes! Hola a todos! And bonjour à tous! In high school, students are required to take a foreign language to fulfill their language requirements. The languages available at San Marcos are Spanish, French, and Latin. Each of these languages have their own perks and benefits that makes satisfying your requirements much more fun and easy.

Spanish is a very useful language to learn. Spanish is everywhere and learning a new language can be fun. Spanish is one of the five main romance languages and Spanish is becoming a business necessity due to the fact that Spanish is the official language of 21 countries. This includes Mexico, most of Central America and parts of South America. Santa Barbara is a Spanish-speaking community, making it helpful and worthwhile to learn the language to communicate with others more effectively.

“The teachers here come up with cool projects,” said freshman Kelly Coulson. “They keep us interested and entertained while learning the language.”

French is another one of the languages offered at San Marcos. Originating from Latin, French is used in many places, from countries in Africa to being used as one of the official languages of Canada. Learning this language would be an important asset if you wish to work with international relations, study in French-speaking countries, or if you just want to visit France. It’s also a fun addition to your high school schedule, as it doesn’t take much to learn how to communicate in this romance language.

“It’s just a fun language to learn,” said freshman Kimberly Silva. “It’s an intricate language that’s a good addition to your day at SM.”

Latin is the last language course available at San Marcos. Mastering Latin will aid you in learning the other romance languages, as they were derived from Latin. Also learning Latin can help students connect to the ancient world of Rome, and start to connect media references of ancient Greece and Rome to the actual texts and myths.  

“There is a close-knit community between all the Latin students, that’s formed through our love for the strange Latin stories, and our love for the classical heritage,” said SM Latin teacher Mrs. Ahlers. “You can also get an extra edge in basically all of your other subjects. Latin is a beautiful and complex language that combines all of my favorite subjects, English, History, and Art. It’s a challenge, and that’s what I like about it.”

Each of the language courses at San Marcos provide a different, but similarly rewarding setting for you to successfully and cheerfully learn a new language. Which language you pick to take at San Marcos mostly depends on your own interests, but know with any language you pick, it will be worth it.


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