AP Exams are Over


Online Editor

Warm air wafts through the open classroom doors; Winter clothes are tucked into the back of the closet and summer clothes are coming out. Summer is almost here. As you feel almost convinced that the workload is starting to slow down, you get a rude awakening when you find out AP exams are sooner than you might have thought.

While AP classes do involve dedication and hard work, the hard work can pay off in the long run. Taking AP classes can help students’ transcripts stand out. Showing that a student took a higher level class shows rigour and that the student can handle taking classes in college. In addition, students can earn college credits by passing the AP Exam which means students can take less classes in college.

AP courses are a great introduction to college level classes that can help build confidence in taking more AP classes in the future. According to an college board article, “Work Towards College Success”, by taking AP classes students can learn to perfect their time management and study skills. AP classes can also improve students ability to solve challenging problems on their own and for their minds to get used to having a rigorous course load.

Over two weeks in May, numerous San Marcos students took AP exams. Some of the most popular exams taken were AP Environmental Science, AP World History, AP US History, and AP English Language.

“So far I have taken five AP classes throughout my high school career. I take AP courses so I can take less classes in college,” said junior Mackenzie Mcbride. “I prepare for AP exams by going to review secessions hosted by the teacher, looking up Crash Courses, studying by myself, and buying a Princeton Review book, which I love! Next year I plan on taking AP Government, AP Economics, and AP Literature.”

Because of students committing to taking many AP classes a lot of preparation is needed for the AP exams.

“Preparing for the AP exam enables you to learn more about the course and solidify your understanding,” said junior Grace Quittner. “Once the exam is taken, a huge wave of relief usually washes over me. That is what makes taking the AP exam even more impactful. You receive college credit, yet learn the material. And the best part is that AP exams represent the end of the year, which means it is almost summer.”

While taking AP classes and preparing for AP exams can be stressful and time consuming, AP exams are a great way to demonstrate rigor to colleges. In addition AP classes can help students gain knowledge, practice their study skills, and to get used to taking college level classes. Also, like Grace Quittner mentioned, by taking AP tests it represents the end of the year, which means summer is getting closer.





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