Do you like the Instagram update?


Staff Writer

Recently, Instagram released a new update that changed the familiar layout of the social media app. The layout was transformed from blue and white to only white. Not only was the inside of the app changed, but also the logo was changed from brown to an ombre fusion of colors.

Many were shocked at this new update, as well as confused. The app icon looked completely different but did not have many technical changes to it. A few of the benefits of the update were that when you are looking at someone’s followers or following, there is now a search bar to give you easy access to check if somebody is following them or vice versa. Another benefit is when you first go onto somebody’s page that you are not following, under their bio there are a list of three to four names that you are following to show if you have any connections with them.

I personally did not like the change at all when I first saw it. I did not like how it looked, but as I continued to become accustomed to it, it did not bother me like it did at first. I find the system changes very helpful because it is much easier to see who is following who.

Although I personally did not like it, other disagree.

“I prefer the new update,” said freshman Catherine McQueen. “It looks more modern and better incorporates the 3D Touch in the Iphone 6. Also, the search bar for the followers makes it easy to see who is following who.”

Overall, the update has some benefits but it is eclipsed by the change of the logo and inside layout.


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