How Hydroflasks Became Popular


Staff Writer

Hydroflasks have become the new staple trend, similar to Patagonias, Lululemons, or Uggs. All around campus you can see students and teachers alike walking around with Hydroflasks. Hydroflasks are stainless steel water bottles that can keep any liquid at any temperature through double-wall vacuum insulation. They have a lifetime warranty and they can keep your drinks hot for 12 hours and cold for up to 24 hours. Everyone uses them everywhere they go including school, practice, and work. It is also easy to clean and reduces waste.

“I was really skeptical about purchasing a Hydroflask because it was so expensive for a water bottle,” said sophomore Alexandria Marx. “It has been such a lifesaver, though, and I love how cold it keeps my water and all the colors it comes in!”

Another reason why the Hydroflask has grown in popularity is due to their increase in products and product availability.

From insulated caps, to the lightest weight bottles in the insulated category, our dedication to our products and culture remains our number one focus,” said the Hydroflask company on their website. “Six short years later, we now offer over 100 products in four different categories: hydration, coffee, beer and food.”

The Hydroflask was founded in 2009 and hit one million sales in 2011 because of their popularity and great reviews. With a diversity of colors, products, and sizes, it is no surprise that the Hydroflask is the new trend and brand to have.They are found in a number of stores, locations, or various websites. You can purchase Hydroflasks on, Whole Foods, or similar health stores.


Megan Plant with her Hydroflask


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