May the 4th be with you


Staff Writer

May 4 is celebrated by sci-fi fans around the world as the official Star Wars day. Although many celebrate in different ways, it is all in celebration of Star Wars.

With the easy access to modern day technology such as Facebook and Instagram, fans were able to connect with each other online to create this unofficial holiday. People all over the world celebrate by watching the movies and dressing up as their favorite characters.  

“I helped my younger brother celebrate Star Wars Day,” said freshman Grace Hahs. “I helped him dress up in Star Wars clothes and we watched re-runs of the movie.

The tradition was started because the popular Star Wars slogan, “may the force be with you” sounds starkly similar to “may the fourth be with you.” The reference first surfaced in 1979 when Margaret Thatcher took office as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Her party took a half page of advertising space saying, “May the fourth be with you, Maggie. Congratulations.” This was the start of the popular saying, however the first organized Star Wars Day started very recently in 2011.

     May 4 was such a big hit that fans created “Revenge of the Fifth,” where fans celebrate the dark side on May 5.

“Star Wars tells the story of a generation,” said senior Brenden Ring. “It speaks about the past and future generations, I celebrated Star Wars day by dressing up in my Star Wars costume and watching A New Hope.”

     Although the holiday was never created officially or by Lucasfilms, fans all over the world celebrate the franchise’s film series, books and culture.



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