Your Administrator’s Best Memories

Staff Writer

Dan Garske: “I Graduated from SMHS in 1977, then had the honor of teaching band from 1990-2008: not to mention our performances in Carnegie Hall, The Orange Bowl and the Montreux Jazz Festival. I have had the pleasure of seeing all 3 of my kids also graduate from San Marcos,” said Assistant Principal Mr. Garske. “ It has been wonderful being able to work with great teachers and staff, and being part of a great admin team. I could go on for hours… San Marcos is THE BEST high school.  GO ROYALS!”

Roxanna Stern:”After 21 years as a teacher and administrator here (plus 4 years as a student and 2 years of pre-teaching work), there are so many favorite moments that it’s hard to narrow it down to specifics.  In general, that moment when the light goes on for a student struggling to learn a world language or American Government, that moment when, after much hard work, a student earns off-campus lunch for the first time, that moment when months of rehearsal culminate into a beautiful show that gets a standing ovation, that moment when an achievement certificate is presented, and even that moment when a friendly voice says “good morning”; those are some of my favorite moments at SMHS,” said Assistant Principal Ms. Stern. “ I am looking forward to returning to the Home of the Royals in 5 years as a parent when my older daughter starts here as a freshman!  So, it’s not goodbye, rather it’s “see you soon”!”

Alex Sheldon:

“From Meeting my wife at the San Marcos staff holiday party to my first year sharing classrooms with Mr. DeVries, Mr. Libhart and Mr. Ceriale and teaching PE with Mr. Roth, I have had so many wonderful memories that will be with me from San Marcos,” said Assistant Principal Mr. Sheldon. “ With teaching freshman and seeing students transform from middle school students to adults during their 4 years in high school. Not to mention when students come back to school to visit. Lastly, launching the Entrepreneurship Academy and seeing the first class win the Scheinfeld Center New Venture Challenge and go off into the world. Let us not forget play-off games and cross town rivalry games coaching basketball, softball and tennis.”

Jennifer Foster: “Is a compilation of all the little moments over the years,” said Assistant Principal Ms. Foster. “Two of my favorites would have to be the bookends of the high school experience- Freshman Orientation and Graduation!”



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